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To use a vacuum emulsifier, you must know these things!


Vacuum emulsifier is a very important and distinctive mechanical equipment in the production line of food, medicine and cosmetics. It is widely used and many products in our life are closely related to it. It is mainly used in cosmetics, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries. It homogenizes, emulsifies, and stirs cream materials in a vacuum state to obtain high-quality products, such as toothpaste that will be used in life, wash Hair lotion, face cream, high-grade lotion essence, etc. can be manufactured through it.
In normal production, it is easy for the operator to ignore the detection of the operating status of the equipment. Therefore, when the technicians of the regular emulsifier manufacturers go to the site for debugging, they will emphasize that the operator should pay attention to the operation of the equipment to avoid improper use, and check the working status at any time, so as not to violate the regulations. Operation results in equipment damage and material loss. The sequence of starting up and feeding materials, the cleaning method and the selection of cleaning supplies, the feeding method, the environmental treatment during the working process, etc., are prone to problems of equipment damage or use safety due to carelessness, such as accidentally falling foreign objects into the emulsification during use. The damage caused by the boiler, the failure of the operation sequence to save trouble and the material scrapping, the failure to clean up the material that leaked to the ground during manual feeding, and the personal safety problems such as slipping and bumping, etc., are all easy to ignore and difficult to investigate afterwards. Users need to strengthen supervision and prevention. In addition, in the process of work, if there are abnormal phenomena such as abnormal noise, odor, and sudden vibration, the operator should check it immediately and handle it properly.

What is the use of vacuum emulsifier in social production?

1. Do a good job in the daily cleaning and sanitation of the vacuum emulsifier.
2. Maintenance of electrical equipment: It is necessary to ensure that the equipment and electrical control system are clean and hygienic, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion work should be done well, and the inverter should be well ventilated and dust-dissipated. If this aspect is not done well, it may have a great impact on the electrical equipment, and even burn out the electrical equipment. (Note: Turn off the main gate before electrical maintenance, lock the electrical box with a padlock, and do a good job of safety signs and safety protection).
3. Heating system: The safety valve should be checked regularly to prevent the valve from rusting and contamination and failure, and the steam trap should be checked regularly to prevent the blockage of debris.
4. Vacuum system: The vacuum system, especially the water-ring vacuum pump, in the process of use, sometimes because of rust or debris, the rotor will be stuck and the motor will be burned. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the rotor is blocked in the daily maintenance process. situation; the water ring system should ensure smooth flow. If there is a stall phenomenon when starting the vacuum pump during use, stop the vacuum pump immediately, and start it again after cleaning the vacuum pump.
5. Sealing system: There are many seals in the emulsifier. The mechanical seal should replace the dynamic and static rings regularly. The cycle depends on the frequent use of the equipment. The double-end mechanical seal should always check the cooling system to prevent the cooling failure from burning out the mechanical seal; the skeleton seal should be According to the characteristics of the material, select the appropriate material and replace it regularly according to the maintenance manual during use.
6. Lubrication: For motors and reducers, the lubricating oil should be replaced regularly according to the user manual. For frequent use, the viscosity and acidity of the lubricating oil should be checked in advance, and the lubricating oil should be replaced in advance.
7. During the use of the equipment, the user must regularly send the instruments and meters to the relevant departments for verification to ensure the safety of the equipment.
8. If abnormal sound or other failure occurs during the operation of the vacuum emulsifier, it should be stopped immediately for inspection, and then run after the failure is eliminated.

Post time: Jun-17-2022