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vacuum emulsifying mixer application

Emulsifying machine has a wide range of applications, such as adhesives, paint coatings, cosmetics, food, drugs, plastic resins, printing and dyeing, printing ink, asphalt and other industries have a wide range of applications.  

Fine chemicals: plastics, fillers, adhesives, resins, silicone oil, sealants, slurry, surfactants, carbon black, defoaming agent, brighteners, leather additives, coagulants, etc.  

Petrochemical industry: heavy oil emulsification, diesel oil emulsification, lubricating oil, etc.  

Daily chemical industry: washing powder, concentrated washing powder, liquid detergent, all kinds of cosmetics, skin care products, etc.  

Paint ink: emulsion paint, interior and exterior paint, water-based paint, nano coating, coating additives, printing ink, printing ink, textile dyes, pigments, etc.  

Biological medicine: sugar coating, injection, antibiotics, protein dispersant, medicine cream, health care products, etc.  

Pesticide and chemical fertilizer: pesticide, herbicide, emulsion oil, pesticide additives, chemical fertilizer, etc.  

Food industry: chocolate shell, fruit pulp, mustard, cake, salad dressing, soft drinks, mango juice, tomato pulp, sugar solution, edible essence, additives, etc.  

Nano materials: nano calcium carbonate, nano coatings, all kinds of nano material additives, etc.  

Road asphalt: ordinary asphalt, modified asphalt, emulsified asphalt, modified emulsified asphalt, etc

Post time: Nov-04-2021