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How does a vacuum emulsifier achieve fast and reliable mixing of ingredients?

The vacuum emulsifier is widely used in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and other industries for its stable performance. How does a vacuum emulsifier achieve fast and reliable mixing of ingredients?

Automatic closed system to provide guarantee for hygienic and clean production of products

There is no risk of contamination entering the system as it is completely sealed to keep the product hygienic. In fact, the entire mixer is designed for hygienic performance and can be configured to meet EHEDG and 3A regulations.

The shelf life of the final product is also extended by degassing, as it makes the environment unsuitable for microbial growth.

How does a vacuum emulsifier achieve fast and reliable mixing of ingredients?

High shear homogenizer for efficient, fast and repeatable emulsification mixing

This is the heart of the high shear mixer unit. The shear and energy dissipation rates here are significantly higher than in conventional mixing vessels. Therefore, the mixer is suitable for solid-liquid dispersion, dissolution and emulsification, as well as liquid-liquid homogenization and emulsification. The mixing process is intense and can even dissolve notorious ingredients like pectin in seconds.

Frequency conversion speed regulation Vacuum water saving Economical and environmental protection

The speed of the high shear homogenizer and the speed of the stirring paddle of the vacuum emulsifier are all controlled by frequency conversion. According to the process requirements, the motor can be adjusted to the necessary speed through the frequency converter to achieve the effect of energy saving and environmental protection. At the same time, the closed vacuum can reduce the water consumption of the emulsification system by 50% and the energy consumption by 70% compared with the market competition model, thus controlling the operating cost.

Vacuum suction Realize pollution-free feeding of liquid and powder materials

Vacuum suction is a very practical function of vacuum emulsifying machine, and uniform speed can be achieved by vacuuming. If the vacuum is lost for any reason, it shuts off immediately and is equipped with a vacuum buffer tank. This eliminates the risk of backflow and prevents blockages that can stop production.

Automatic level control for smooth, uninterrupted production

The vacuum emulsifier can be equipped with liquid level control system and weighing system. Level control is used in conjunction with product inlet/outlet to maintain the proper amount of fluid circulating in the system. If the liquid level is too high or too low, the load cell and frequency controlled outlet pump will return it to the desired liquid level. The amount of powder in the mixture also fluctuates during production (eg sugar, lactose, stabilizers). No matter how much powder enters the mixer, the emulsification stirring system of the vacuum emulsifier can maintain stable production.

Post time: Apr-23-2022