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Vacuum homogenizer for salad dressing and mayonnaise

Introduction to salad dressing and mayonnaise

Mayonnaise and salad sauce are common condiments in western food and belong to one kind of seasoning sauce.  Is a semi-solid state.  It is made from vegetable oil.  Eggs, salt, sugar, spices, vinegar, emulsifying thickener, etc.  The difference between the two is determined by the content of fat and egg yolk: mayonnaise: 75% fat and more than 6% egg yolk;  Salad dressing: 50% fat and more than 315% egg yolk;  Typical mayonnaise contains only 10 to 20 percent water, and salad dressings 15 to 35 percent.  In some countries, mayonnaise is not allowed to use emulsifying stabilizers other than eggs, and if used, the product can only be called salad dressing.  The emulsifying substance in egg yolk is lecithin.  It surrounds the oil droplets with a spatially intact protective film.  The film is elastic and deformable to the extent that it does not break.  So that the water – in – oil emulsion system is very stable Making method and key points of salad dressing

Salad sauce is mainly yolk as emulsifier, the citric acid glycerol single and two acid ester, acid glycerol single and two match using acid ester and lecithin, colloid mill, emulsifying machine, mayonnaise mulser, homogeneous function make small fat distribution, and can improve the mayonnaise products sticky mulser, mayonnaise mulser, homogenizer, and stability.  If the amount of emulsifier is too much or the type of emulsifier is not correct, it will affect the consistency and taste of the product. In order to produce a good taste of the product, the complex synergism of modified starch, water-soluble colloid, emulsifying substances and emulsifier is particularly important.  The emulsifier and thickener selected must be acid resistant, emulsifier can not replace all egg yolk, its dosage is about 015% of the total raw material.  Mayonnaise and salad dressing can be produced by alternating and intermittent or continuous methods, so that the two phases are mixed and emulsified to form an oil-in-water emulsion.  In the alternating process, the emulsifier is dispersed in part of the water and then alternately added a small amount of oil and the rest of the water and vinegar.  Then, the primary emulsion obtained by colloid grinding, emulsifying machine, mayonnaise emulsifying machine, homogenizing machine homogenization, with continuous production method, the first water phase and emulsifying agent evenly, and then under intense stirring gradually emulsified oil into the mixture.  Continuous production is in the vacuum emulsifier, mayonnaise emulsifier, homogenizing machine emulsifier, while vacuumizing, while oil and vinegar, while stirring emulsification.  Homogenizing equipment for colloid mill or homogenizing machine or emulsifying machine, the use of homogenizing machine, homogenizing pressure can not be too high, generally 8-10mpa

First, the production of salad dressing has a few operating points:

① Selection of raw materials

Vegetable oil colorless and tasteless salad oil is a good choice.  The eggs should be fresh and the spices should be good quality and pure.

Shell the eggs

Clean fresh eggs with clean water, soak in disinfectant for a few minutes, remove and control dry, beat eggs to shell.

③ Mixing and stirring

After weighing all the raw colloid mill, emulsifier, mayonnaise emulsifier and homogenizing machine materials, dissolve a small amount of raw and auxiliary materials in water, except vegetable oil and vinegar, pour all into the blender, open the stirring to make it fully mixed, a uniform mixture.

④ Sensory index

The color is light yellow, the organization is delicate, sticky, no stratification, no fracture, no oil-water separation phenomenon.

⑤ Physical and chemical indicators

Water 8% – 25%, fat 50% – 80%, ash about 214%, protein about 3%.

⑥ Precautions

When the lecithin in egg yolk is at the temperature between + 2℃ and -4 ℃, the emulsifying ability is weakened. Therefore, fresh eggs should be processed after being taken out of cold storage during production.  Generally, the temperature of about 18℃ is better.  If the temperature exceeds 30℃, yolk particles harden, will reduce the quality of mayonnaise.  Because mayonnaise products can not be sterilized, so in the production process should pay attention to the health of equipment, appliances, necessary cleaning, sterilization.  Commonly used spices are mustard, pepper and so on.  Mustard can not only improve the flavor of the product, but also combine with egg yolk to produce a strong emulsifying effect. It should be ground when using, the finer the powder, the better the emulsifying effect.


First, equipment advantages

Large processing capacity, suitable for industrial online continuous production narrow particle size distribution range, high uniformity

Time saving, high efficiency and energy saving

Low noise, smooth operation

Eliminate quality differences between batches produced

There is no dead Angle, the material is cut 100% by dispersing

It has the function of short distance and low head conveying, which can realize the clean and sanitary cycle treatment and meet CIP/SIP requirements

Simple operation and easy maintenance

Automatic control can be realized

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Post time: Nov-30-2021