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1L10L Laboratory Homogenizer Mixer Lab Vacuum Emulsifier Homogenous Mixer Machine

Brief Description:

Laboratory Homogenizers – the perfect solution for all your laboratory mixing, emulsifying, homogenizing and dissolving needs. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, this device is a must-have for any laboratory environment.

  • Name: Laboratory Glass Vacuum Homogenizer Reactor
  • Capacity: 1-10L
  • Function: mixer/homogenizer/heating/vacuum
  • Material: 316 stainless steel &Silica
  • Product Detail

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    Key fucntion of Lab Homogenizer Mixer

    Fully volume: 1200ml /Working volume: 1000ml          Glass reactor design pressure: -0.0975~0Mpa

    Minimum mixing working volume: 100ML                    Minimum homogenizer working volum : 400ML

    Maximum mixing working volume: 1000ml                  Power supply: 220V/50Hz

    Stirring power: 120W                                                     Mixer Laboratory speed range: 0-230 rpm

    homoegnizer& emulsifying power: 500w                     No-load speed range: 8000~28000rpm

    Capacity: 100-5000ml                                                      Lifting method: electric lift


    1) The Laboratory Vacuum Emulsifier is designed to go directly to the bottom of the tank to ensure that the mixing process is sufficient. The combination of high-speed emulsification and slow scraping makes the raw materials form a strong cycle flocculation without dead ends. This unique emulsification system surpasses the traditional method and makes the molecular structure of the product better and more uniform.

    2) We understand the importance of temperature control in laboratory processes. That's why our lab emulsifier have a sandwich construction for efficient heating and cooling. The spiral deflector inside the machine ensures that the material is completely cooled during the cooling process.

    3) Contains a rotary vane vacuum pump for multiple uses. Not only does it help in suctioning raw materials, saving manpower, but it also ensures a clean and sterile environment by minimizing dust emissions. The whole process is carried out under vacuum conditions to prevent bubbles from being generated during high-speed stirring. This vacuum system also removes air bubbles, resulting in a more compact, shiny product and a longer shelf life. In addition, the water seal pump does not produce oil and gas, which complies with GMP factory norms.

    4) We understand the importance of easy cleaning and maintenance in a laboratory environment. That's why we designed our Homogenizer Laboratory Equipment with removable, tool-free scraper assemblies. This feature makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

    5) Convenience and productivity are key factors for laboratory equipment. That's why we equipped the lid with a waterproof and dustproof floodlight and a sight glass for Laboratory Homogeneous Emulsifier. These additions make it easy to observe and monitor the production process.

    6) Safety is our top priority. Our Laboratory High Shear Mixer is equipped with various safety protection devices, including vacuum safety device, three-phase power safety device, interlayer pressure safety valve, emergency stop button. These features ensure safe operation and peace of mind during mixing and emulsifying.

    Lab Homogenizer Mixer
    Laboratory High Shear Mixer


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