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Hydraulic lifting vacuum emulsifier mixing machine with internal and external circulation homogenizer

Brief Description:

Our hydraulic lifting vacuum inner and outer circle homogenizer mixer machine is a game changer in the field of emulsification and mixing. With its advanced features such as internal and external circulation homogenizer, vacuum system, heating system and dispersing system, the machine provides unrivaled performance and flexibility. Additionally, its user-friendly interface, hydraulic lift system and additional tanks make it a convenient and reliable choice for any laboratory or production environment. 

  • Capacity: 20-5000L
  • Homogenizer: inner and outer circulation homogenizer
  • applicable: high viscosity cream/gel/paste
  • Voltage: customize
  • Basic function: hydraulic lifting/heating/vacuum/homogenizer/stirring/disperser/titling
  • MOQ: 1 SETS
  • Product Detail

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    Key fucntion of vacuum emulsifying homogenizer mixer machine

    cosmetic paste making machine

    * Internal and external circle homogenzier system

    One of the main features of this mixer machine is its inner and outer circulation emulsifier . This allows for an even distribution of material, ensuring a consistent and high quality end product. Whether you use liquids, creams or gels, this homogenizer guarantees the best results every time.

    *vacuum system

    In addition, our hydraulic lifting Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Machine is equipped with a vacuum system. Not only does this system help remove unwanted air bubbles, but it also enhances the overall emulsification process. By creating a vacuum environment, the machine maximizes product stability and minimizes the risk of oxidation or contamination.

    *heating system

    To provide ideal operating conditions, stainless steel mixing vessels also include heating systems. This feature enables precise temperature control, promoting efficient, uniform heating throughout the mixing process. You can rest assured that your materials will be properly heated and mixed resulting in a quality end product.

    *Humanized button control

    The vacuum mixing machine can be operated easily through the push-button control panel. The interface is designed for intuitive use, allowing easy adjustment of various parameters such as speed, temperature and homogenization time. With its user-friendly layout, even a machine novice can quickly learn to navigate and operate with confidence.

    *Hydraulic lifting system

    Our designs also prioritize safety and convenience. A hydraulic lift system ensures easy access to the stirrer mixer machine, simplifying cleaning and maintenance procedures. Additionally, the non-slip platform provides stability and prevents accidents during operation.

    *Disperser systems

    The disperser systems integrated into emulsifier machine for cream further enhance their versatility. Whether you need to break up solids or mix immiscible liquids, this system guarantees efficient, thorough dispersion. You have complete control over the grain size and consistency of the product.

    hydraulic lifting vacuum emulsifier mixing machine
    vacuum internal and external circulation homogenizer mixing machine

    Customizable content

    As a vacuum mixer machine factory, we can provide diversified customization
    1. Voltage                                                                           2. Capacity                   

    3. Designated brands of electrical/motors                     4. Machine layout         

    5. Machine size                                                                 6. Weighing system

    7. Water flow meter system                                             8. Custom labels

    9. Pressure that the stirring vessels can bear      


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