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Liquid soap mixers machine homogenizer mixing tank agitator

Brief Description:

This machine is a stainless steel mixing tank, which can be used for commercial industrial production of liquid soap, shampoo, shampoo and other liquid products.

  • Capacity: 100-10000L
  • Metrial: SUS 316L
  • Customize: available
  • Moq: 1
  • Product Detail

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    Capacity : 100-10000L

    Homogenizer : lower homogenizer / inline homogeneous

    Homogenizer working speed: 0-3200rpm (adjustment)

    Mixer : paddle stirring mixier with TFPE scraper

    Mixer working speed : 0-63 rpm (adjustment)

    Heating : steam heating / rode electric heating

    Layer :double jacket and three layer (Cold water circulation)

    Material :316 stainless steel

    Including : pipe / valve / stair / handle / independence electric cabinet


    The industrial liquid mixing equipment produced by Yangzhou Zhitong Machinery Co., Ltd. is designed according to the needs of the daily chemical industry. The material is made of high-quality stainless steel (SUS304/SUS316L). The interior of the stainless steel tanks is mirror-polished, and all interfaces are over-welded with rounded corners, no dead ends, and easy to clean. , The heat preservation adopts the overall foaming of polyurethane, and the jacket can adopt full jacket, coil or honeycomb inter-layer according to the needs of users. In the production of industrial high shear mixer tank, German homogeneous technology has been introduced and combined with independent research and development results. What impresses people is its high production efficiency and a series of parameters that meet international standards. At the same time, it can be directly embedded in our existing pipelines system.

    The mixing tank with agitator design based on years of experience and advanced homogenizer technology and mixing technology make the liquid soap mixer equipment of Yangzhou Zhitong Machinery Co., Ltd. more suitable for complex process formulas, and achieve stable and glossy final product structure, complete degassing, fixed density, and convenient storage tank and filling line.


    Efficient homogenization technology ensures excellent core components;

    The modular structure can run independently or be embedded in other equipment;

    Advanced reaction vessel and stirring design can realize small batch production, ensure the optimal material flow in the vessel, and facilitate surface cleaning;

    User-friendly operating system, simple and easy-to-understand operation to achieve more powerful functions;


    *Steam or electric heating

    * Vacuum system

    * Automatic valve control

    * Flow meter, weighing automatic feeding

    * High and low circulation pipes

    * CIP/SIP cleaning and disinfection device

    * Button control or PLC control

    * Stirring method: one-way stirring or two-way stirring

    * Homogenization method: online homogenization, circulation homogenization, lower homogenization, upper homogenization

    Design Concept:

    1. The overall liquid soap production line is designed in accordance with GMP standards, and the process pipelines, valves, and processes are designed in accordance with 3D principles and modularization, without dead ends.

    2. Match the corresponding process design according to the product process requirements;

    3. The integrated design can shorten the process time faster, save more energy and production time;

    4 The overall large platform waterproof design, installation safety protection, the overall simplicity and elegance;

    5. The mix tanks and pipelines can be cleaned online by CIP and sterilized by SIP, and the material pipeline is equipped with a recovery system to save energy and reduce emissions.

    500L mixers tank
    mixing tank with agitator


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