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Combine Customize homogenizer Mixer tank industrial stainless steel reactor mixing tank

Brief Description:

Custom  combination industrial mixing tank can freely combine vacuum emulsifier machine, mixing tanks, premixer tank, etc. according to your needs to achieve production goals and flexible production. Meet individual needs, improve work efficiency, save energy and reduce waste, improve product quality and reduce production costs

  • Place of orignal: China
  • Brand name: Zhitong
  • Certification: CE,ISO,SGS,TUV
  • MOQ: 1
  • Delivery time: 25-40working days
  • packaging Detail: wooden box or wrapping film
  • Product Detail

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    The customized combination homogeneous mixture machine can be composed of fixed vacuum homogenizer mixer machine, hydraulic lifting emulsification mixing machine, open stirring pot, reactor, pre-mixing tank, and multi-functional agitator vessels. Multiple agitator tank share a common platform, saving space and having a regular appearance. It can be applied to various manufacturing industries.

    Capacity: 50L-10T Material: SUS304/SUS316L
    Key selling point: High quality Application: Cosmetic,healthcare,food,chemical,medical
    Function : Heating/Stirring/Emulsifier/Vacuum/Disperser
    options:  1.Motor/electric appliance brand2.Material elevator

    3.Weighing module/water flow meter/mass flow meter

    4.CIP / SIP


    1. Versatility: The customized cosmetic blending machines has multiple stirring methods and adjustable operating parameters to suit different process requirements. They can be equipped with different types of stirring devices and impellers , such as paddles, spiral stirrers, anchor stirrers, etc., to achieve different mixing effects and emulsifier needs.

    2. Flexible configuration: Customized combination heated stainless steel mixing tanks can be configured with different components and accessories according to different process requirements, such as different types of agitators, heating methods, temperature control systems, etc., making the whole system more flexible and efficient.

    3. Diversified selection of materials: Customized combined industrial mixer homogenizer tank can be made of different materials according to needs, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, glass steel, etc., to adapt to different production environments and medium requirements. It has good durability and can withstand harsh working conditions such as high temperature, high pressure and vigorous stirring

    4. Convenient operation: The customized combined homogenous mixer machine can be humanized according to the user's operating habits, providing an easy-to-use control interface and operating system, reducing the difficulty of operation and improving operation efficiency.

    5. Safe and reliable: The customized combination homogenizer mixing tank is designed with safety factors in mind, and is equipped with corresponding safety devices and protection systems, such as overheat protection, pressure protection, leakage protection, etc., to ensure safety and reliability during the working process.


    1. To meet individual needs: customized reactor can be customized according to the specific needs of customers, and can be customized in terms of pot size, material selection, stirring methods, temperature control, etc.,


    2. To meet the specific needs of different customers: The mixer homogenizer tank can be stirred and heated according to the process requirements, which can improve the uniformity and reaction speed of materials and improve production efficiency.

    factory CAD case

    3. Energy saving and waste reduction: The customized agitator stirring vessel can adjust parameters according to the process requirements, such as stirring speed, heating method, connection method, etc., to make energy utilization more efficient, save energy consumption, and reduce waste generation.

    4. Improve product quality: The customized design of the mixer tanks can ensure that the materials are fully mixed and heated, meet higher quality requirements, and improve product stability and consistency.

    5. Reduce production cost: By customizing the mixing equipment, the design can be optimized according to actual needs, which can reduce the production cost of the equipment, and also reduce the subsequent maintenance and replacement costs.

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